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How Fast Can I Get My Custom Garment

Our Tennis Skirts, Tops and Dresses are Made for Real Women

At adintennis.com you arenít locked in to the sizes and fabrics that are shown, you can be creative and customize your garments!

Select the style you like and decide how you would like to change it.

1.You may change the fabrics on any of the garments at no cost.

2.You may add or subtract up to 3 inches of length at no cost.

3.You may customize sizing of garments at no cost.

Take your fabric sample packet and spread out all the fabrics. Play with them! See which colors go together and what you like. You may want to look at our custom designs page for inspiration! Try other color combinations to see what you come up with. Have fun being the designer you always wanted to be!

There are also other options: sleeves of all lengths, pockets, side vents and adding more than 3 inches to the length are all available for a nominal fee.

If your comment is, ďThis would be perfect if _____.Ē Let us know what that blank is and we may be able to provide it. Simply ask for what you want and we will let you know if itís a possibility. Please visit our Contact Us page.

What isnít possible is for us to show you all of the conceivable options on our website, so you have to let your imagination run free and call us to share your vision, if you donít see what you want our web site.

If you place a custom order that also means that the items are non-returnable and non-refundable because weíve made them specifically for you and everyone knows that you are unique. Now, go forth and create!