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Customer Testimonials

Dear Ad In Customers -

We love compliments but don't be shy about letting us know how we can improve too! Customer Feedback helps us to figure out how to better serve our customers. Feel free to Contact Us Now to tell us anything that is important to you.

Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love my skirt I just received!  What a real quality of workmanship and getting to have it specified in length and with pockets is priceless! Thanks so much...will let you know when I need another one! 

Received my 3 skirts and just wanted to say that I am extremely pleased! I have been playing tennis for over a month and have had to wear long shorts to play because I couldn’t find ANY skirts online or locally to fit me! The quality is great and they fit perfectly! I WILL be ordering from you again!

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how pleased I am with my order they fit perfectly!!!!  I can't believe it, I finally have a tennis skirt that fits me, is comfortable, and fashionable too!!!  Please pass on my thanks to the tailors for an awesome job!

I will be ordering more in the future I am sure!  

My tennis clothes arrived this morning, they are great, lovely fit, thank you so much, I shall look forward to wearing them soon, especially as we are in the middle of a heat wave at the moment, most unusual for England! They will be banning hose pipes and garden sprinklers soon !!!!!!! Thank you for the fabric samples, I think there may be another order coming soon, only problem is which one to choose.  Many thanks for all your help and prompt service, shall look forward to dealing with you again.

I just received my first tennis dress from you and I wanted to say thank you so much!  I am a plus-size woman who is a member at a tennis club that requires I wear white to play, (bleh!).  I have had a terrible time finding white fitness apparel in my size, and when I do, it is generally poorly constructed and doesn't fit my body well at all.  I have gotten the message loud and clear from fitness apparel manufacturers that women my size don't deserve to have high quality clothes to exercise, (after all, no one my size could possible be fit and active).  Thank you for being the exception to the rule!  The tennis dress I ordered from you was comfortable, fit perfectly, and made me feel pretty and strong.  You have no idea how grateful I am to finally have something in my size that is both highly functional and fashionable.  You have earned a life long customer. 

Image Pink Nylon Lycra

Rich and vibrant and perfectly pink
Polyester lycra blend
A medium weight fabric
Machine wash cold, dries quickly when hung
Coordinates well with white, black, pearl and charcoal gray

Design Suggestions: Tennis dresses, tennis skirts and tennis tops
Use as an accent piece but this fabric could stand on its own in
a skirt, dress or top. 

Tennis Fabric Sample: Contact us and we'll send you this sample free of charge. Click here to order a free fabric sample packet. 
Please make sure to tell us specifically the samples that you want to see. We don't want to disappoint you!

I received my navy pleated tennis skirt yesterday, and, WOW!
I was impressed! It's the length that I need (I'm 5'10") and at 59
can't (won't) wear a 14 inch skirt. The way the skirt fit and hung on
my frame was so lovely and flattering. It is a beautiful skirt, at a
fantastic price - better than what I've seen in the stores or online.
So comfortable, and I look forward to wearing it when I play tennis. I
definitely will order again. Thank you for sending the fabric samples!

I just received my first tennis top from you guys and I can hardly believe how perfect it is! I have had a terrible time finding plus size tennis attire and heard about your site through the grapevine. I didn't have much hope that your product would fit any better than the others I have purchased but, boy, was I surprised! It fits perfectly! Not too snug, not too lose and to top it off, it is flattering! Consider me a customer for life! Thank you so much!

My Skorts

I am a Golf Professional and love the customize skorts I get through Ad In Tennis. Thank you for your quality product and exceptional customer service!

I love everything about my tennis clothing

These tops are the most perfect athletic garments I have ever worn. Not only are they beautifully made with quality fabrics and wonderful colors, but the best thing is that I feel so good wearing them. They compliment my body in a way that gives me confidence on the court. Even if my tennis game doesn't always look so good as I'd like it to, I know my Ad In tennis outfits always look great! Harriet