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The Blues Nylon Lycra

The Blues Nylon Lycra | Color Chart

The Blues Nylon Lycra

Standard Details

92/8 polyester/lycra fabric
Light blue, royal blue with vertical accents of white, black, pink, lavender,yellow/oranges and green
Soft to the touch
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low or best hang to dry
Coordinates well with white, black, royal blue and aquamarine (as shown).
Want a non ordinary but still coordinated look? Amber and athletic orange also looks great with this fabric!

Design Suggestions: Asymmetrical ruffled tennis skirts, ruffle tennis skirts, pleated tennis skirts, or as featured in an a line tennis skirt.
Like to go bold? This would make an excellent v neck or classic top paired with either a white, black, royal blue skirt.
This would make an excellent accent color. A yoke in the yoke tennis top or diagonal in a diagonal top.....the list could go on and on!

Our supply of this wonderful fabric is officially coming to an end.
We can no longer guarantee that this fabric will be available for teams.
If you wish to order this fabric, please don't delay.